Billing Terms and Conditions 

What payment methods can you adopt for the transaction? 

For transactions with us, you can use payment methods like Visa Card, Master Card, and American Express. From some specific regions, you can also transfer the amount through Paypal. Almost every one of your credit and debit cards are acceptable here at the Texas Jackets. 

What is the procedure to pay at Texas Jackets? 

To complete the payment procedure accurately you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Once you decide what to buy, click the option of add to cart. 
  2. A form will come to your screen. Fill that with the authentic details and re-check them as well. After completing that you will move forward with the payment procedure. 
  3. To make the transaction possible add all the accurate details in the form. Details that contain your Credit card number, expiry date, and CVC (card verification code). 
  4. At last, proceed to check out and you are done. 

Payment methods that are not acceptable at the Texas Jackets:

For payment at our website, we do not accept E-cheques or Cash On Delivery (COD). 

Is the transaction secure on our website? 

Your security is our first and foremost concern. That is why we always keep an eagle eye on security purposes and give you the best and safest place to shop from. We ask for all your personal details just to make the delivery possible feasibly. After that, according to our privacy policy, we are not allowed to keep your data or to sell, rent, or lease it. We make sure that after delivering your parcel successfully we discard your data immediately. For further confirmation, you can visit our privacy policy page, or else you can directly ask anything to our customer care team through email at [email protected]

Our payment partners:

Stripe and PayPal are our proud payment partners, in some regions.

When will you be charged for your order? 

As you know that we do not accept payment through COD (Cash On Delivery), so when you proceed to checkout you will be charged at that very moment. 

In what conditions can you be charged more than once?

In some circumstances, there is an existence of possibility for sure that you will get charged more than once. The reason includes the possibility of a technical error. It could be an issue of an unstable internet connection or the occurrence of any issue at the payment processor’s end. But in any of these situations, you do not have to be worried about it at all. Because you will get your payment back from us within 2 to 5 banking days. All you have to do is that you need to address the issue completely with our customer care department. Get in touch with them via [email protected]. Our team will then report to the bank and payment processor. Other than this you can also address the issue directly with your bank. 

How will you get to know about the confirmation of your order?

We notify you about the confirmation of your order through email. Right after you place the order successfully, you get an email of confirmation from our team. 

Terms and Conditions 

All our important terms and conditions are described here. We urge our customers to follow all these rules and restrictions at all costs. 

Copyright Disclaimer 

Please note that we own the copyright on all the content that is present on our website. All the matters including products, pictures, logos, designs, illustrations, descriptions, and content, and each, and everything on our website is only and totally owned by us. Texas Jackets own every right to the content of this website. 

Without our permission no one is allowed to copy, reproduce, upload, display, modify, sell, distribute, or publish any of the content of our site.  Only we reserve every right to make any change in our content or policy at any time. We can modify or add points according to the need of time in our policy. Other than us everybody is strictly prohibited to use any of our content as well. And if you do so strict actions will be taken against you.

Product Content:

All the rights on the content that is present in the form of descriptions, prices, or any other information about the product are surely and only reserved by Texas Jackets here. Only we can modify them, update them, or even change them. We own all the authority to do so. But if the change in the price, image, or description has been made after your order then the buyers can claim a return, exchange, or refund. 

Taxes and Duties on Imported Items:

We offer free shipping worldwide to our customers without any doubt. But the customs charges, import duties, or any other taxes do not come in that free shipping. Our customers have to pay for these charges. Because they vary from order to order and from country to country. However, there are some countries that are duty-free so customers out there can enjoy completely free delivery. 

Linking other sites:

We definitely link to other sites sometimes. But we are not answerable about their content or product. 

Ways of payment transfer:

Our customers live across the world, which is why to make things convenient for each of you we receive payments through Visa Card, Master Card, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. Through all these ways you can transfer your payment online with feasibility. 


Kindly follow all our rules and regulations while purchasing from our website. If you violate any of the rules then strict action will be taken against you according to the law.

For more information, contact us:

Phone: +1 888-542-5931
E-Mail: [email protected]