Shipping Policy 

Where do we ship for free? 

The great news for all of our customers around the world is that we offer free shipping across the world. 

Confirmation Notice

To make things less confusing and much easier, upon the placement of order, we send a confirmation email containing the order receipt to our customer. the order receipt includes confirmation, and various details related to your order. if you do not receive a notification with such details upon placing your order, so you can easily contact our customer service staff for information regarding your order.

Shipping Process and Time:

We provide FREE shipping. So, you don’t have to pay any shipping charges. Our processing time is 1 – 3 business days (Monday to Friday). Once your order will be shipped, it will be delivered to your doorstep within 1 to 4 business days (Monday to Friday).

Shipping Method :

Orders are usually shipped within 1- 4 days. (Monday – Friday) using UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Handling time: 1-3 days (MONDAY – FRIDAY)

Transit time: 1-4 days (MONDAY – FRIDAY)

Delivery Process and time:

All orders placed at texasJackets will be delivered within 1 to 4 working days right after your payment has been cleared.
Note: Orders placed before 11:00PM (GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles) will be processed the same day. Orders placed after 11:00PM (GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles) will be processed the next business day.

Can you track the shipped products?

When the product gets shipped from our end we provide our customers with a tracking id. By following that you can keep an eye on that. When you receive that tracking id, it automatically becomes your duty to track that. If the order is on hold or late due to any reason by the courier company, you can contact them to get updated. In case you are not home and your parcel is reaching its destination, even then you can contact and talk to them about the unavailability. But while doing this, kindly remember that after multiple failed delivery attempts, the courier company might destroy your parcel. And we will not be responsible for that. So kindly keep in touch with them throughout the process. 

Which courier service do we use to ship your products?

Because we make your attire by putting in so much effort that is why we use the best and most trustable courier service to deliver them as well. So that you can receive your parcel in the exact good condition in which we make them. We possess all the rights to choose the courier service to ship your product that is why we have chosen the best ones. We deliver your products by taking the services of courier companies like DHL, FedEx, USPS, and Sky-net. All of these courier companies are worldwide trusted companies. 

If you get a damaged parcel?

We care for you a lot and that is why we make it possible to a great extent that you never get a damaged parcel from our side. But if in case the situation occurs and you get a parcel that is damaged, then you can simply get in touch with us through email at Our customer care department will guide you or even by yourself you can go through our return, refund, and exchange policies. Whatever suits you best you can claim that. But make sure that you reach out to us within 30 days after you receive your parcel. After passing the 30 days time limit we will not be able to entertain your problem. Kindly go through our policy pages to get your queries resolved further. 

Import Duties and Taxes:

The great good news for our US customers is that they do not have to pay customs charges. All the orders are delivered on a DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis. According to this policy, our customers are only entitled to pay the customs charges according to their country. Though there are multiple countries that are duty-free and they do not charge any single penny in terms of custom charge. So all the customers in those countries enjoy completely free delivery. As you know that we do not charge anything in terms of delivery, it is free from our end. Also, keep in your knowledge that the customs charges vary from country to country. Keeping an eye on the customs charges of the country is your own responsibility. However, we are not at all responsible to pay any local tax or import duties on your behalf. Also, note that the price which is mentioned under any product does not contain any taxes. 

There are some more brief points about our shipment policy:

  • While giving us the information about yourself make sure that the complete information is accurate in every sense. This will keep you away from any inconvenience in the delivery. 
  • After the delivery, we might ask you for a signature for confirmation about the successful shipment. 
  • For a great experience always re-check your information because after dispatching your order to the given address we will not be able to change the address then. 
  • We do not deliver your product through PO box addresses, APO, or FPO.
  • If there is a situation, where you place the order for two products, one is customized and the other one is not. Do remember that customization takes more time. That is why maybe we deliver both apparels separately. First, we will send the non-customized product and then in some days, we will send you the customized attire.

Reasons why sometimes your shipment gets delayed:

We really try to dispatch your parcel as soon as we can. But still sometimes because of some reasons the delivery faces delay. The major problems that occur are listed below.

  1. Sometimes we encounter some uninvited issues like natural disasters. In this situation, your shipment gets delayed. 
  2. If there is a public holiday then also you can face a delay in receiving the parcel. 
  3. While giving the information for the delivery process, if you have entered any wrong detail, in that case too your shipment can face a delay. Because if this happens we will not be able to deliver your parcel. 
  4. Because we always want to deliver you a high-quality product, that is why after the crafting of the attire our quality check team checks it properly. So if we find any disturbance in that we reject that and make new and completely high-quality apparel for you. This is also a situation that leads you toward a delay in the delivery of your parcel. 
  5. If you enter incorrect contact information then also the delivery will get delayed and maybe the parcel will not reach you at all. 
  6. Your order will get delayed too in case of the occurrence of courier service operational delays. 
  7. Custom holds can also be a reason for the delay in delivery.
  8. If you have made any amendments to the order, it will also lead to a delay in the delivery. 
  9. One more situation in the delay can be unexpected certainties like covid-19 or others. 

For more information, contact us:

Phone: +1(708) 312-5066