Return And Refund Policy 

What makes us different from others is our high-quality apparel and user-friendly policies. Texas Jackets is a name in the world of the online marketplace, where you can find apparel with premium quality. Our website not only facilitates you with enchanting outfits but also grants you a safe and secure platform. A platform from where you can do shopping without any hesitation and security concerns. 

We offer our customers an easy 30 days return, refund, and exchange policy. That you can avail of easily. If you get any defective or changed product then within the time limit of 30 days you can avail of our return, refund, or exchange offer. What are the criteria? Well, to know about the process, terms, and conditions you can read out the below-mentioned policies. We hope that after reading them you will have all your necessary answers in your knowledge. 

Refund Policy:

If there is any issue with your received parcel from our end then you can surely claim a refund from us. The issue could be anything from the change in size, change in color, defective parcel, or the parcel does not look like what is present in the picture. Or the situation can also be that you have not received your order and it has been a long time now. In all these above-mentioned cases you can claim your refund from us. To claim it just get in touch with our customer support team and our representatives will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your email. Our team first will check the issue and after finding you eligible we will refund your amount. 

Terms and Conditions of Refund Policy:

  • Buyers will get the payment back in the exact method of payment that they have used to pay for the product. 
  • Once your case gets verified by our inspection team, we forward the issue to our finance department. It will take them around 3 business working days to complete the procedure from their end. 
  • After all this completion of the process, you get your amount back in 5 to 14 working days. 

Return Policy:

What are the eligibility criteria for the return policy? 

Our teams from the ones who are making your attire to the ones who are checking their final look and quality keep a keen eye on every order and its quality. But if mistakenly the situation occurs and you got a change or damaged product then you can avail yourself of our return, refund, or exchange offers. So if you confront any issue like this or you get a chance in the color, size, or design you can just go ahead to avail of our policy. 

Some Major issues and their solutions:

One of the most common issues that we encounter counts the issue of size. This comes to us very frequently. The reason that we have figured out is that the body type of each region is different. That is why we have come up with a solution for you. Every time while placing an order if you do not find your perfect size in the provided chart then go for the customization offer. Because the Texas Jackets provides you with this customization facility sitewide on every product. The next most common problem is the difference in color. Kindly keep in mind that the colors might be slightly different than what you see on the screen. Because the lights and camera lenses have their effect on the color. So kindly remember this while ordering. 

Terms and conditions of Return Policy:

While applying for the return policy you must keep all these listed points in your knowledge. 

  1. The return, refund, and exchange policy can be avail within the exact 30 days after you receive your parcel. 
  2. If you are thinking of avail of the offer then do not remove the tag. If you do so, it will make you ineligible for the attempt of policy. 
  3. After exceeding the time limit of 30 days the policy will automatically expire for you. Then you would not be able to claim it. 
  4. For the return, your product should be in an accurate condition. If you wash it or wear it then your problem will not be entertained. 
  5. While returning the parcel kindly make sure that it does not contain any stains on it. Or else we will not be able to accept it back. 
  6. If you have altered the attire then your claim will not be considered acceptable. 
  7. Kindly make sure that the product is not used, because if we find it used we will not accept it for return, refund, or for exchange. 
  8. Make sure that your product does not contain any cuts on it. Or else we will not accept it back. 
  9. Also, note that our policy of exchange, return, or refund does not apply to customized products. 
  10. Further, kindly note that if you will claim for the return, refund, or exchange policy then you will be going to be the one who will pay for the shipping this time. Though it is free but not when it comes to bearing shipping charges.
  11. To make things facile for yourselves and for us too, when returning the product to us kindly use the courier service that can provide you with the Tracking ID/Number. And once you receive that Tracking ID, kindly share that with our team. 
  12. You are instructed to send back the item to the same warehouse from where you have received it. 

If you want any further clarity at any point then feel free to reach out to our customer care department at [email protected]. As they are always ready to help you out. 

Exchange Policy:

When it comes to availing of the Exchange Policy that we offer there are some points that make you eligible for the exchange. The points are listed below. 

  • You get a changed product other than that which you ordered. 
  • You get the product in a different size. 
  • You get a damaged product. 
  • You get the completely wrong product.
  • You get a different color product. 

All these possibilities make you eligible for our exchange policy. But if you are having any of these problems then let us have a deep look at the terms and conditions of the exchange policy. These points will answer all the queries that are in your mind regarding the policy. 

Terms and Conditions of Exchange Policy:

  1. Your parcel should be in its original condition. 
  2. The product you are going to exchange should not contain any defects. 
  3. If you get any change in your parcel for example change in size then do not alter it by yourself if you want to exchange it, because if the product is altered then we will not accept it as a return.
  4. If you have any problem with the product like you have received it in a different color, size, or maybe something else, then before applying for the exchange make sure your product is not washed. 
  5. Make sure that the specific product should not be in used condition. 
  6. When you receive a parcel from us it contains our tag, so if you are willing to exchange the received product, make sure that the tag should not be removed. 
  7. When you write us the Email for claiming the exchange, make sure you mention a valid reason why you want to exchange the parcel. 
  8. When you will apply for the policy keep remember that you have to bear all the shipping costs this time. Though we do not charge a single penny for the exchange by ourselves. 
  9. You have to send back the product to the same warehouse from where you received the product. 
  10. While sending us back the product make sure you use a courier service that can provide you a Tracking ID/ Number. After receiving the Tracking ID do share that with our customer care department. It will be convenient for you and for us as well. 
  11. The replacement of your product will be sent to you in 15 working days. 
  12. Further, in last, note that we do not change customized products. 

Return and Exchange Procedure:

The procedure for the Exchange or Return is quite simple. If you have any concerns related to your parcel, then first of all read our policies. After going through them if you find yourself eligible, then get in touch with our customer care department through the mail address [email protected]. We would love to help you and that is why our team keeps itself always ready to help you out. After receiving your mail they will respond to you within 24 hours. 

Steps for the Return and Exchange procedure:

  • First, take a clear picture of the product which you want to exchange or return. 
  • Write a concise email and mention a clear reason why you want a return or exchange of your received product. 
  • Attach a picture of your product.
  • After crafting a proper email then send us that at [email protected]
  • Our team will respond to you within the next 24 hours after receiving your email. 
  • Then we will inspect the issue and after finding whether you are eligible or not, we will then share the return address with you. 
  • You are then instructed to send your received product to the given address by using a courier service that can provide you with a Tracking ID to keep an eye on the product.
  • You have to share that received Tracking ID with our customer care team. 
  • After receiving your product we will notify you through email. 
  • Once we check the product and your product clears all the steps of our inspection process, we take a step ahead then. After this whole procedure, our account department proceeds with the procedure further and transfers your money. If it is a case of refund, It takes 3 working days for our finance department to clear your payment.  And further, within the time limit of 5-14 banking days, you receive your cashback. 
  • Kindly note that some banks may take more than 14 days to reimburse the amount to your account. 

Order Cancellation Policy:

  • The buyer can be facilitated with the complete refund amount if they cancel the order in the next 24 hours after placing it. 
  • If you exceed the time limit of 24 hours, do not worry you can still get the amount back. But this time 30% of the actual amount will get deducted.
  • After 3 days if you cancel the order then we are sorry to share that in that case, we will deduct 50% of your balance. 
  • And last, once your order gets dispatched from our side you will not be able to cancel that then. 

What is the restocking fee?

  • No restocking fee.

How Will Customers Get the Return label?

  • For defective products: Customer Responsibility.

For customer remorse: Customer Responsibility.

  • If you find your product defective please contact us: at. [email protected] With photos of the defective product.

For more information, contact us:

Phone: +1 888-542-5931
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