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La Brea is based on mystery and science which is one of the most-watched TV series. This series portrays the story of a big sinkhole that is located in LA, separating part of a family in an undescribable ancient world with a desperate group of youngsters.

Each actor/actress has given their best in playing their character in this series. However, all of them have donned every on-screen outfit like a pro in this series. The good news is, that we have some of the iconic Celebrity Jackets of this series on Texas Jackets. So you can easily go and grab them at the best prices!

Zyra Gorecki as “Izzy Harris” in the series La Brea has played her role tremendously. One of the classiest apparel she flaunted in this series is the Zyra Gorecki La Brea S02 Blue Puffer Coat which stole the hearts of her fans. She donned this puffer coat by mingling it with blue jeans and a sweater underneath delivering a magnificent look.

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Another piece of apparel that one of the supporting actors “Eve Harris” donned in this series is Natalie Zea La Brea Shearling Jacket. If you want to stay cozy this season, go for this shearling jacket. It not only keeps you in comfort but also makes you stylish as hell. Crafted with high-end material, this jacket is all set to give you a phenomenal look, so dont think much, and own it now!
Both of the aforementioned Womens Outfits are available on Texas Jackets which will surely give you a gorgeous look in no time. However, you are supposed to wear these outfits both on casual and smart-casual occasions. All you need to do is to pair the right type of apparel with them and you are ready to rock!

Veronica St. Clair as “Riley Velez” in La Brea has slayed every look. One of the most iconic outfits she flaunted in this series is the La Brea S03 Veronica St. Clair Denim Jacket. Well, if you desire to add this denim jacket to your wardrobe, you can do it by getting it from Texas Jackets. So make a move, and place your order now!

Veronica also flaunted the La Brea Veronica St. Clair Black Quilted Jacket by combining black cotton pants and a white shirt underneath it delivering a head-turning look in this series. Therefore, if you desire to get this iconic look, simply follow the styling method that Veronica followed or go for your own clothing choices according to your fashion taste.

Not only women’s outfits, but Texas Jackets also offers men’s apparel just like the Jack Martin La Brea Black Jacket that Jack Martin donned as “Josh Harris” in this series. This jacket is black in color and has a shearling collar that keeps its users warm for an endless duration. The best thing is that Texas Jackets has added this piece of art into their category of La Brea outfits collection which you can easily go and check out!

Eoin Macken, who is the protagonist of La Brea was seen donning the Eoin Macken La Brea S02 Green Jacket in one of its scenes. He flaunted this jacket by merging grey pants and a black shirt with it slaying a killer look. Well, Texas Jackets has added this masterpiece to its La Brea category where you can get it easily.

Well, if you are looking for sportswear to wear while performing any physical activities such as playing sports, working out, cycling, or jogging, you can opt for Jack Martin La Brea Varsity Jacket to achieve the perfect sporty look.

Or, if you are in the mood to run your motorbike on the streets of your city, wear the La Brea S03 Nicholas Gonzalez Black Leather Jacket and flaunt it like Nicholas Gonzalez. If that is not good enough for you, get the Jon Seda La Brea S03 Leather Jacket and slay a killer look with it.


Are all of the La Brea Outfits for Casual Wear?

All of them are for casual wear except the leather jackets.

Are the La Brea Outfits Washable?

All of them are washable except the leather jackets. However, you can still clean the leather jackets with a soapy wet cloth by wringing it all over them and then wiping it off.

Does the La Brea Outfits Collection on Texas Jackets Include All the Apparel from this Series?

Almost all of the La Bra Outfits are available in our La Brea outfits category.

Is season 2 of La Brea Over?

It not only has ended but also, the third season has already been released.

What will happen in season 3 of La Brea?

It is not been disclosed yet but it looks like the third season will continue the story of Tabitha. As it is already been shown at the end of season 2 that Tabitha opens her eyes in the hospital, the fans are predicting that she will escape from there at the beginning of the third season.

How many Episodes are Expected for La Brea season 3?

6 episodes are expected for La Brea season 3.

Will the Third season of La Brea be its Last?

NBC has declared the third season of La Brea to be its last.

Is La Brea Inspired by a True Event?

Indeed, La Brea is inspired by the true events of the mysterious sinkhole that exists in real life. The director of La Brea has shown the characters of this series getting sucked into that huge sinkhole in LA who are never to be found again.

Are there Any Chances that 4th Season of La Brea will be Released?

As mentioned above, the third season of La Brea is its last. Therefore, there will be no more seasons of this series.

How many Episodes are there in La Brea Season 2?

There are 14 episodes in season 2 of La Brea.