Privacy Policy

With the implementation of the latest technologies and strict rules and regulations, we have made a top-tier Privacy Policy for our website, Texas Jackets. So that our dearest customers can have a safe and secure place to shop from. Now when your heart desires the latest in-trend attire, just visit our website, search for the products of your choice, and buy them instantly. Because when you purchase something and fill out your personal details in the forms, we keep them secure. So now feel free to shop online with ease from our website. 

To keep you aware of our privacy policies we have designed our pages separately. Where we have elaborated our rules, regulations, and policies very deeply. You can find the pages of our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Billing Terms and Conditions, Shipping and Delivery Process, and Return and Refund Policy on our website. All the information that is present here is authentic and we own the copyright on that. So let us take a deep dive into the policies and let us give you the answer to your every query. 

What is the policy that we own about Underage Children?

In order to keep your money safe from the mischievous acts of children, we have implemented the policy of Children’s Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA) on our website. With this policy, our servers do not let the website accept any information that is given by a child who is under 13. So now you do not have to worry about the wrong order placed by your child because we won’t let them do this. 

What is the cause to collect your Data?

The root cause to collect your data is that we want to give you an excellent experience with us. This data helps us in various ways to make things convenient. Through the collected data we deliver your parcels to your doorstep. Some of the data like your Name, E-mail, Mobile Number, and Postal Address lead your parcel to successful delivery. These are the most basic and necessary information that we require to deliver your parcel. 

What do we do with your collected personal information?

When it comes to your data like your Name, Mobile Number, Postal Address, and E-mail address, we utilize this to ship the product to you with feasibility. While we use information like your credit and debit card details for safe transactions. But furthermore, what should be in your knowledge while sharing all of this personal information of yours, is that we keep it super confidential. And never ever share this or sell this with others. Because your privacy is our duty. 

Do we retain your information?

The answer to the abovementioned question is simple and a big No. We do not keep your gathered personal information after dispatching your parcel successfully. We just keep it to ourselves till we deliver the product. Or we just share the basics like your Name, Phone number, and Postal Address with the company that will be delivering your parcel. After that, we do not keep it nor do we sell it, but we discard the information.

How do we protect your data/ personal information?

We at Texas Jackets want to build a trustable relationship with our respected customers. And that is why we always make sure to provide high-end security to keep your information protected. Our IT professionals make sure that they prove this above-mentioned statement true at any cost. With the latest technology, they make it possible as well. Now your passwords and pins are secure with our secure server layer (SSL) implementation to the servers. All your private information that we gather gets transferred through this SSL and converted to the payment gateway provider’s database. Always know that we never share any of your sensitive data. 

Do you need to sign up even when you are just searching on the site? 

Absolutely not. You do not need to sign up or log in to our websites while you are just searching for the products. But after the completion search, now that you have already decided to buy something from our site you have to either sign in or log in to our site. Because this is the first and most important step of the buying process. Without this, you will not be able to buy anything from Texas Jackets. 

Do we use cookies on the website? What are they? Why do we use them? 

Our motive is to give you a completely outstanding experience at our site. That is why to make it possible, cookies help us to a great extent. However, we would like to mention here that we start gathering cookies once you give us permission to do so. Cookies are tiny data files that are further used when you visit the site again. These cookies help us to get an idea about what you like and what you do not. So with their usage of them, our algorithm shows you the best products according to your interest. 

Authorities of making the change in the policy:

To make things more facile and better, just like everything our policies also need to be updated. So according to the need of time for your betterment, we also make some changes in our policy. But for making the changes only we reserved all the rights. Only we own the authority to either change or update our website’s policy. Further, we request all our customers to keep themselves always updated with our terms and conditions and policies for a great experience with our website. 

Secure Transaction Process:

One crystal clear thing about our website is that we love to serve you with the best attire, but we also love to create a trustworthy bond with our customers. That is why whatever information you share with us for the transaction process we keep it secure. It comes in an encrypted form and no one can have access to that information. Further, we would like to put light on the line that we never share, sell, rent, or lease any of your information to a third party. Even our team just has the excess to your basic data like Name, Phone Number, ID Card Number, Postal Address, etc. Only this general data is being shared with the courier company that too is only for the completion of the delivery process of your parcel. 

For further queries and details:

Through all these policy pages, we have tried our level best to answer all your FAQs. After going through our page if there is still any query that is unsolved then go ahead and get in touch with our customer support team. You can simply write them a mail and ask them any further questions. You can send them the mail to [email protected]. Remember that our hard-working team is always there to help you out.

For more information, contact us:

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